When our family first starting distilling gin 150 years ago – Old Tom was the London Gin of choice.

Today it’s a less familiar style of gin, but it is still a bartender’s favourite when making cocktails such as the Martinez, Tom Collins and Ramos Gin Fizz. The generous quantities of botanicals used in our family recipe create a bold citrus and juniper pine character that is smooth and beautifully delicate with a subtle underlying sweetness.

It’s perfect for a more rounded and fuller flavoured Gin & Tonic, as well as being the essential ingredient in the classic gin cocktails, and it is delightful in a Basil Smash and a Southside.

41.4% ABV
Available in 5cl, 20cl, 70cl and 70cl Wrapped.


The generous quantities of botanicals used create aromatic and intense “piney” notes from the juniper, zesty citrus, soft spice and

subtle earthy liquorice


Rich, round and wonderfully smooth, with vibrant citrus, hints of spice and a subtle sweetness.


Delicate and earthy with lingering hints

of creamy citrus.