Pioneers of the London Dry style and unlike other London Dry Gins available today, Hayman’s still craft their award-winning gin over 2 days, staying absolutely true to their family’s heritage.

The result of this artisan method is a fresh crisp elegant gin with refreshing notes from juniper, subtle exotic spice and a lively citrus finish.

Hayman’s London Dry is the perfect partner for tonic and gin cocktails. Hayman’s firmly believe that a Gin and Tonic should always be balanced in measure to ensure that the gin flavours shine through.

41.2% ABV

Available in 5cl, 20cl, 70cl and 70cl wrapped.


Fresh and crisp notes of “piney” juniper ” and lively citrus with touches of warming spice


Elegant with wonderfully balanced flavours of bright refreshing citrus, bold juniper and warming spice .


A dry finish with some earthy notes and touches of sweet orange long into the finish. A Gin Lover’s Gin