An elegant and delicious gin, bursting with the vibrant exotic fruits of kumquat, Persian lime, pomelo and mandarin.

With beautiful, aromatic notes of lively sweet citrus and crisp juniper, Hayman’s Exotic Citrus is tangy and zesty giving way to a refreshing and wonderfully smooth finish.

As London’s first gin distilling family to include citrus as a key botanical more than 150 years ago, Hayman’s Exotic Citrus fruits have been carefully chosen to complement their award-winning London made gin.

The depth and vibrancy of these flavours are the result of distilling the sun-dried exotic fruit peels as part of their unique two-day process.

A Gin & Tonic with an exotic twist – pairs perfectly with premium tonic, a slice of fresh orange and a sprig of basil. Also delicious in an Exotic Citrus Cooler with grapefruit juice and topped with Sicilian lemonade or enjoy as a zesty Exotic Citrus Martini.


Lively sweet citrus and crisp juniper


Tangy and zesty with bright juniper and hints of spice, rounded with a delicate sweetness


Refreshing and elegant with a smooth finish

70cl 41.1% abv