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UK’s Essence of Family Business Winner 2023

Hayman’s are thrilled to have won the Essence of Family Business Award 2023, defining the true essence of what it means to be a family business. The judges commented that “Hayman’s carefully blends pride with their heritage and the need to build


Introducing Hayman’s London Light

Introducing Hayman’s London Light at 12.5% ABV to create a new way of enjoying a low alcohol G&T. Perfect for those moments when you’re looking for all the taste of a G&T but with less alcohol. Distilled to retain the


Hayman’s talks to Beast’s Head Bartender

Alba Vazquez is the head bartender at Beast London, near Oxford Circus, where diners enjoy great cocktails alongside their feast of the most incredible steaks, live Norwegian King Crab and seafood.  Alba has chosen Hayman’s London Dry, as well as Hayman’s Old Tom,


Hayman’s Gin reveals sustainable Respirited vodka

London-based distiller Hayman’s has repurposed its grain spirit to create a sustainable vodka called Respirited. Described as a ‘smooth and characterful’ vodka, Respirited was made from repurposed grain spirit from the distillery’s production process. It is charcoal-filtered. The vodka is


Hayman’s Gin Wins at Family Business Awards 2022

Hayman’s Gin have won the 2022 Food & Drink Award at the Family Business of the Year Awards. The panel of judges highlighted Hayman’s Gin for ‘contribution made to the spirits industry as a whole’ – mentioning their sense of


Mindful Drinking with Hayman’s Small Gin

It’s certainly not news that January is the most popular month for those looking to cut back or even abstain from alcohol. But what has been really interesting this month is the huge rise in popularity around the No and