As an independent business we are determined to minimise our impact on the world. Sustainability is at the heart of all our thinking.

All the brands we represent respect the environment and have sustainability as a core value. Here are a few examples.


  • All the bottles we use are recyclable.
  • Hayman’s are moving to recyclable PET capsules for their whole range.
  • The English Wheat spirit used is made from renewable wheat
  • The botanicals selected are renewable – some such as citrus peels are a bi product of fruit juice.
  • The cases that bottles are delivered in are all recyclable too
  • The used botanicals are sent to farms for animal feed.


Bush Rum

We are incredibly proud to represent the revolutionary Bush Rum – a truly sustainable rum.

  • Every part of the Bush Rum packaging is sustainable:
  • The bottle is made from 100% recycled glass and can then be recycled again
  • The label is made from discarded sugar cane
  • The cork is made from waste cork
  • The rum is distilled in a distillery where over 30% of the energy used is from waste.

Whilst we are proud of our approach to sustainability – we will never be complacent, and we will continue to seek ways to be even better and show the way forward for other spirits brands.