About us

Symposium was created in 2020 to provide a fresh and independent approach to the UK Spirits Market.

Whilst we live in an era where there is lots of choice – it felt like there was little to differentiate between portfolios and products with a singular approach.

Rather than complain we decided to do something about it – we took inspiration from the merchants of the past and developed a portfolio and an offer that is relevant for today.

The UK is fortunate to have so many wonderful places to eat and drink and we respect that they want a choice when it comes to choosing their spirits. Symposium is perfectly placed to offer that portfolio.

Our Rum portfolio consists of the multi award winning Merser Rum, which combines the very best of Rums from the Caribbean aged up to 12 years, which are then finished in London. 

Our Gin portfolio is led by Hayman’s of London – pioneers of the London gin style and still made over 2 days, which is a rarity in this modern gin era. The range which has consistently being voted The World’s Best Tasting Gin is led by Hayman’s London Dry and supported with the old favourites of Hayman’s Old Tom and Hayman’s Sloe. Recent additions include Hayman’s Exotic Citrus – a naturally made gin with additional flavour and Hayman’s Peach & Rose Cup.

Respirited, Sustainable British Vodka, is made with rescued grain spirit re-purposed to create a smooth clean characterful vodka.

Respirited is on a journey to evolve the world of vodka where nothing should go to waste.  Re‑imagining a distilling and production process that recovers and repurposes rescued grain spirit into a smooth characterful vodka.

The revolutionary sustainable Bush Rum with a new twist on spiced rum as well as the classic Merchant’s Choice Guyanese White Rum, which in 2021 won a gold medal in the Spirit Masters.

Meet Our Team

We are a dedicated team with a passion for spirits. We aspire to offer an unmatched standard of service, personal connection and commitment helping you move quicker and achieve more.


Head of On-Trade and Routes to Market UK

James Mac

Head of Commercial


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