London’s first rum blending house in over one hundred years.


Based from a four-story period townhouse just off the Strand, Merser & Co. is here to bring back the lost craft of rum blending to London. To champion traditional production approaches, reinvigorate interest into the forgotten world of 19th Century rum cocktails and put London Rum back on the map.

Each Merser release is produced using the same traditional approaches that were employed by the late, great rum blending houses of London over 100 years ago. Like them, we source aged rums from all across the Caribbean, blend them, marry them in London and - like those before us - we never add sugar or colour. What you see is a natural product, produced to centuries-old standards.

Visit us at the Sign of the Post & Hound to experience London’s only functioning rum blending house, to explore the city’s historic connection with rum and to learn more about the process of blending, cask maturation and marrying.

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Merser Double Barrel Rum
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