Mindful Drinking with Hayman’s Small Gin

It’s certainly not news that January is the most popular month for those looking to cut back or even abstain from alcohol. But what has been really interesting this month is the huge rise in popularity around the No and Low alcohol drinks category and this feels even more relevant than ever now that these drinking habits seem to be an all year-round trend.

Hayman’s Small Gin is the gin which makes a low alcohol G&T with absolutely no compromise on taste. In fact, Hayman’s Small Gin is the perfect choice for any G&T drinker who looking for a low-alcohol and low-calorie option.

A full-strength gin which is so packed full of flavour you only need a thimbleful to measure out the gin – just pour over ice and top with tonic.  A quick stir and your low alcohol and low calorie G&T is ready to drink with all the taste of your favourite G&T. Hayman’s Small Gin 20cl bottle comes with a thimble hand tied around the neck and makes 40 G&Ts compared with 28 single G&Ts using your regular gin.

There’s no doubt that mindful drinking and enjoying gin in moderation is when Hayman’s Small Gin really comes into play.  As well as still feeing part of the party, taste is a key factor in the drinker’s enjoyment with many finding that their 2nd or 3rd drink is a Small Gin. Physical and mental health as well as weight loss are also key drivers when choosing a low alcohol option.

So how are bars and restaurants finding the low alcohol serve sell?  How does the bartender prompt those looking for a drink with less alcohol content? How does a more conscious way of drinking play out in the busy cocktail bar?

Younger generations of Millennials and Gen-Z seem to be leading the way in their choice of mindful drinking.  In fact, a study by the Portman Group found that 24% of British Drinkers are keen to cut back on booze but many of those driving the growth in the LowNo category are looking to for more balance in their drinking habits rather than total abstinence.  Older audiences might be keen to keep a clear head for the next (working) day but also don’t want to skip the ritual of their evening tipple.

For all those looking for a healthier way of living but not keen to make a compromise on the taste of their G&T, Hayman’s Small Gin is ticking all the boxes.

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